Hi, Ubuntu, and bye

2010-05-11 17:28

My ancient impression of Linux is hard to control as DOS. Though Ubuntu has come to earth for years, its ugly face pushes me far from it.

An article on cnBeta.com reminds me of set it up and occasionally I got a setup-program from my neighbor room-mate in version of 10.04, which’s latest, and with several reasons (e.g. future maybe) I installed Linux this afternoon and selected to experience Ubuntu since its good fame among Linux’s for its simplicity, capability and stability so far.

Installing is quiet and easy. Then I came to the desk. After downloading language package from Internet, Ubuntu supports Chinese menus well, but is difficult to type Chinese, which is totally different from what  the article had described.

The menu bar on the top is displayed friendly on four respects. They are clear calendar with local weather, real-time mailing , composited Rhythm box (a music player)  and a account put all IMs together including Facebook, Twitter, Google, MSN and QQ.

menu bar

1, Calendar is  cooler than  Windows 7 because of its additional weather tips and even includes local sunrise and sunset time.

2, Account is powerful and messages fade in through desktop on the right side gives me frequency experience. It contains a majority of popular IM and social net-work. That simple.

3, Rhythm box is  a part of Ubuntu. Actually, it has no differences between it and Windows Media Player, while latter is cursed by almost all Windows users. It’s not fair I think.

4, Mailing is easy. But Windows has Outlook and what we need is to open it and minimize it on the task bar.

The others are the same as what we know commonly. It use Firefox to surfer the  Internet and Open Office to do ordinary job. In my opinion,  they are not strong  enough comparing with Chrome and MS Office.

What amazed me most except for reasons above is Ubuntu’s render of text. Font is displayed perfectly with Wenquanyi-MircoMihei in both Chinese and English. I was so frantic with its effects that I wrote this comment immediately on my micro-blog as soon as I connected to the Internet : text shows perfectly and much more greater than in  Windows XP. It is as pretty as in Mac OS.

clear font display

But I won’t continue Linux using  in usual time for three reasons:

1, Foolish task-bar on the bottom of the screen. Obviously, Linux has a long way to learn from Windows 7 and Mac OS not only on design.

2, Unsmooth user experience. I have to say that my computer is old indeed and can’t run Windows 7 in a better way, however, Windows XP is capable. But Ubuntu in my computer uses heavily and infrequently. Just at this time, OO has eaten my letter “t” from “infrequenly”. ( I am sure it’s not my mistake as this is not the first time! )

3, More reasons. Though Ubuntu gives me a new impression and I am surprised by some functions, I won’t use it at most time. Lack of software must be one of the most problems; another is, and I admit it is not Ubuntu’s fault, different customs.

Ubuntu is a good tool, but is not a perfect way for me. Nice to see you, and see you.