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2010-06-03 11:10

The passage below was my imagination of the skeleton of a powerful product which could fight with Google and was written on 2010-5-20.

Now we are more and more living with a society filled with all types of goods. We may just be fond of some of them but tired to single them out.

At the age of Web 1.0, we read. It means reading is the only way of receiving. At the age of Web 2.0, we produce, which, then, allows you unfold your own opinions, decisions, and critics. But as time goes on, information around us is too large, though the target is one person or one group.

There must be a solution to pick what we prefer among that huge body of pieces, especially when we have been trapped and (even lost) in contacts’ or interest groups for quite a long period.

The unique way out of miscellaneous surroundings is semantic analysis. This way help us to filter what we don’t favor and collect what we want by means of metadata, which is “tag” as we all know.

In a word, we are your loyal followers. We help you to record, to recognize your behaviors and to tag them with tags. After a series action we could analyze your custom and according to that picks what your likes into your basket and hates out of it.

Subsequently, you own your specified basket (full of tags, and of course, the associated real goods) differed from any baskets in the world.

What you hunt is no one else but you.

Privacy policy

You are free unless you are to destroy the others’ freedom. We will take serious actions for the users who do wrong without hesitation and on the same level to protect users’ privacy. We assure you that all your data here are safe.

Detailed tags

Tags, as metadata, cover range from here and there. Totally it is generalized like video, audio and text and in addition, geography with surroundings, images and even users to get an exact conclude about data. Therefore, we could call what you love back so you can concentrate on enjoying it. Another thing has to be explained is that tags are divided into two categories. There are built-in tags and tags produced by you. The former is for matching and the latter is for experience. All you have to know is that we do it for you.

At the time, we try a new system for disambiguation. That means we would like to establish s series of tags with same meaning.

Manage your knowledge & time

Add your interesting pages to your study notes and you are able to read and modify them anywhere and anytime.

Diverse support

This stage allows different views all the time and ensures that not delete any words if it’s beyond moral base line. Not only colorful views on culture, but also views or images about pornography, political ideas and bad words as long as they are not aiming at human beings. Meanwhile, we provide you options to select which kind of data could be displayed. All choices are in your hands so that you can handle everything in every situation.

Character segmentation

English uses “blank” to accomplish words segmentation, nevertheless some other languages don’t use “blank” so that different interpretations, like Chinese. Hence language characters segmentation ought to be set up to help us analyze sentences and label accurate tags.

Translation built-in

To collect useful information for users as much as and strengthen relationships world wide as possible as we could, translation is necessary. Both English and Chinese are required in the same item, and of course with its mother tongue at the first place. Welcome to join us in your language and your culture.

Friendly UI

Keep simple. Hotkey can be not vacant firstly, then, proper Ajax. Remember speed is always considered. Respecting you and your mind is obvious certain. Take comments for example: we simply offer you two options to weigh the rank of an item. Just tick Yes or No. It is integrated so we don’t require extra movement.

Mix into commons & respect personalities

Society is a big family and we are the members of it from the day we were born. The importance of mixing into commons needn’t being expressed, at the same time, we respect personalities, which are the basic elements of our diverse world. We choose what you admire.

Effective APIs

Being open is the demand of the times. We will try to connect every service you have fantasized like blogs and read what you like. Correspondingly, we provide APIs covered every service. It’s your right to stay or … leave.

City centered

All activities carried out are based on the local city. Native and cultural system could avoid political affairs. What more important is this can get you together and focus on commons all the way.

Permanent Free

It is free forever. We are sure here will reflect your value of choices.

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